Five RC-24 Panels at World Congress in Montreal

RC24 had a strong showing at the 23rd World Congress of Political Science held in Montreal, Canada, July 19-24, 2014. Our committee sponsored five panels, in which a total of 18 papers were presented. The panels were wide-ranging in focus, including issues of national security, military intervention in politics, regional security, comparative civil-military relations and contemporary security challenges. The panels and participants were:

Contemporary Issues in National Security Professionalism

Charles Allen, United States Army War College, “Beyond the Uniform: Lessons for the Senior Military Officer.” Marybeth Ulrich, United States Army War College, “Politics and the American Military: Assessing the Impact of Retired Officers’ Political Activism on Civilian Supremacy in the United States.” Özlem Arzu Azer, Kadir Has University, Turkey, “Rethinking of Security and Rising Trend of Military Keynesianism.” Gonenc Uysal, King’s College London, “Understanding the Impact of Modernity on Civil-Military Relations.”

The Military in Politics: Comparative Issues in Military Intervention and Rule

Martin Needler, Monterey Institute of International Studies, “Farewell to the Latin American Military Coup?” Jonathan Swarts, Purdue University North Central; Neovi Karakatsanis, Indiana University South Bend, “Johnson, Nixon and Athens: Changing USForeign Policy towards the Greek Military Dictatorship.” Malcolm Easton, University of California, Davis, “Leader Survival After a Failed Coup d’Etat.” Marybeth Ulrich, United States Army War College; Carol Atkinson, University of Southern California, “Military Professionalism and Political Change in the Middle East: Explaining Institutional Support for Democratization.”

Issues in Regional Security and Armed Forces and Society

Alexandre Fuccille, Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP), Brazil, “Brazil and theConstruction of a Security Community in South America.” Joyce Gelb, City University of New York, “Child Care Policy in the United States Military: Model for the US and Other Nations?” Andrew Glassberg, University of Missouri – St. Louis, “Long Term Community Impact of Military Base Closures.” Constantine Danopoulos, San Jose State University, “The Rule of Law and the Quality of Democracy in Greece.”

Issues in Comparative Civil-Military Relations

Giray Sadik, Yilidirim Beyazit University, Turkey, “How to Explain EU and NATO Roles in the Security Reforms of Turkey?” Takako Hikotani, National Defense Academy, Japan, “The Civil-Military Gap in Japan: Comparing the 2004 and 2013 Surveys.” Carol Atkinson, University of Southern California, “The Impact of US and NATO Professional Military Exchanges on Bulgaria’s Transition to Democracy.”

Contemporary Security Challenges

Symeon Giannakos, Salve Regina University; Laurie J. Harper, Salve Regina University, “Education, Identity, and Conflict in Albania and Lebanon: A Comparative Study.” Jan Black, Monterey Institute of International Studies, “Indigenous Defense Strategies around the World and the Mapuche Quest for Autonomy.” George Woods, United States Army War College, “Relationship Management in Today’s Coalition Environment.”