April 2015, RC24 Conference in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA

RC24 will be gathering at the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, PA in April 2015, holding a conference of the Research Committee at the same time as the Strategic Studies Institute’s annual Strategy Conference there. Members of RC24 who cannot travel to Carlisle are encouraged to participate in the conference via teleconferencing. Information on the conference, including dates and a call for papers will be circulated soon by RC24 President, Marybeth Ulrich.

July 21-22, 2016, RC24 Pre-conference in Skopje

In conjunction with the 24th World Congress of IPSA, RC24 will be hosting a preconference in Skopje, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, July 21-22, 2016, including a group trip from Skopje to Istanbul for those attending the World Congress. Information on the pre-conference will be forthcoming soon.

July 23-28,2016, IPSA World Congress

The 24th World Congress of the IPSA will be held in Istanbul, Turkey.