IPSA's Research Committee 24 "Armed Forces and Society" organized six panels at the 27th World Congress in Buenos Aires on 15-19 July 2023. 

These included:

RC24.01 Issues in Military Professionalism and Ethics

RC24.02 Issues in Latin American Military Education

RC24.03 The Role of the Military in Transitioning

RC24.05 Armed Forces and Society: Defense Cultures, Civil Society and Innovation in Armed Forces

RC24.07 Issues in international and Regional Security and Security Cooperation

RC24.08 Issues in Latin American Civil-Military Relations.


Professor Marybeth Peterson Ulrich of the United States Naval War College was elected RC24's Chair.


Profs. José Manuel Ugarte of the University of Buenos Aires and Kai Michael Kenkel of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro were electe Vice-Chairs. 

Dr. Liliana Filip of the Romanian National Defence University is the RC's new Executive Secretary. 

Further Board members and representatives can be found at: https://www.ipsa.org/page/rc24-armed-forces-and-society .